Miracles Do Happen…

She has two wounds on her flank, but she’s alive and hopping.

Somehow. Someway. She escaped.

We’ve renamed her Lucky.

And she is not venturing far from the bushes where her and her Mama nest.

Even little Shadow, who loves to chase bunnies, lay smiling on the back deck quietly watching them.



The Circle of Life: Beautiful & Brutal

I lost Baby Bunny to one of the large hawks that frequent our area. Cottontail rabbits have lived in our yard for five years now. The matriarch Bun-Bun appears with one or two kits at the beginning of every summer. Last year it we had Teacup & Saucer – this year Baby Bunny.

Standing at the stove watching her happily nibbling clover and dandelions; home fries I was preparing for dinner needed a stir. When I looked up again the ferociously beautiful bird was sitting on her wings spread wide. I was out the back door in a second. The victor ascended with her prize.

Our Pomeranian Shadow saw me sitting with tears in my eyes. She brought me one of her toys – a little elephant – I love elephants. The look of love in her eyes.

Logical me says, “This is the way Frances. Accept and release.”

Emotional me screams “Nooooo!”

Baby Bunny’s last moments were happy ones. Hopefully she never saw it coming. Just the taste of sweet clover and dandelions and the warm sun on her fur.

Getting My Space in Order

Butterfield 8 Board

Just got home from an extended and enjoyable visit with friends.  Can I  tell you how great to be back home on the Cape with my family?

This afternoon I decided to reorganize my desk, and redo the bulletin board behind it.

The last one (pictured above) featured a set of cards I picked up in a Georgetown bookshop. Most of them were covers from mysteries and pulp fiction of the 50’s. My favorite is the one in the upper right corner: John Hara’s Butterfield 8. Have you seen the movie starring Liz Taylor? One of my favorites.

board in progress

This is what I have up so far.  I’m thinking favorite quotes for the bubbles, a tiny photo for each month, and some personally composed haiku/poetry on bits of brightly colored cardstock pinned here and there.

Four things are always on every board: the F for Frances, the peacock for darshan, the palm for luck, and the white key for my daughter Josie.

I guess I’ll get back to it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day/life.




Apricots Forgotten

I began this blog in April with Apricots.

A poem I wrote myself.

Today I wondered just how many blog posts I had written since Day One54.

There was time when 54 posts in a month meant it had been a light month.

Then again I’ve been visiting friend for the last few weeks, so there have been some distractions – most quite pleasant 🙂

My concern today is that I forgot I wrote a poem called Apricots. It’s about someone leaving someone. More than a bit sad. And it has apricots in it – as you know.

Should I be worried? Is some form of early dementia setting in?

Have any of you forgotten a poem? or short story? I hope no one has forgotten a whole book.

I’m going to re-read the other 53 entries.

Who knows what else I forgot.

Til next time.