re: expectations

“Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.”  – Dennis Wholey


Tension (1949)

This made me an immediate Audrey Totter fan.

Getting My Space in Order

Butterfield 8 Board

Just got home from an extended and enjoyable visit with friends.  Can I  tell you how great to be back home on the Cape with my family?

This afternoon I decided to reorganize my desk, and redo the bulletin board behind it.

The last one (pictured above) featured a set of cards I picked up in a Georgetown bookshop. Most of them were covers from mysteries and pulp fiction of the 50’s. My favorite is the one in the upper right corner: John Hara’s Butterfield 8. Have you seen the movie starring Liz Taylor? One of my favorites.

board in progress

This is what I have up so far.  I’m thinking favorite quotes for the bubbles, a tiny photo for each month, and some personally composed haiku/poetry on bits of brightly colored cardstock pinned here and there.

Four things are always on every board: the F for Frances, the peacock for darshan, the palm for luck, and the white key for my daughter Josie.

I guess I’ll get back to it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day/life.




Apricots Forgotten

I began this blog in April with Apricots.

A poem I wrote myself.

Today I wondered just how many blog posts I had written since Day One54.

There was time when 54 posts in a month meant it had been a light month.

Then again I’ve been visiting friend for the last few weeks, so there have been some distractions – most quite pleasant 🙂

My concern today is that I forgot I wrote a poem called Apricots. It’s about someone leaving someone. More than a bit sad. And it has apricots in it – as you know.

Should I be worried? Is some form of early dementia setting in?

Have any of you forgotten a poem? or short story? I hope no one has forgotten a whole book.

I’m going to re-read the other 53 entries.

Who knows what else I forgot.

Til next time.