March 31st 2018

I generally launch new projects when the moon is full. Today is not just a Full Moon, but a Blue one, the last one till Halloween 2020.

But no special planning went into birthing a new blog for this particular celestial event – or did it?

All I know is a few days ago I was helping a friend sort a mountain of receipts for their tax return when an email came in from my best blog buddy Lissa over at tea rain dreams. She was participating in the upcoming¬†A to Z Challenge, and wanted me to know the details. I had taken a blog break of quite a few months in 2017, and thought, “Maybe this will help me get my blog groove back.”¬† So here I am. And there you are. I’m lovin’ it already.

I’m looking forward to posting on Blue Moon 10/31/20 about the life events and possible epiphanies experienced betwixt and between the two celestial events. Halloween also happens to be my favorite holiday, so that makes it all the better.

Before I sign off here’s some particulars for any and all interested person(s).

I’m Frances D, Native New Yorker, in her fifties, and determined to make the most out of the second half of my life. I’ve been online and blogging since 1998. In 2013 I moved from a small Manhattan studio to a house in a countryside area of Cape Cod, MA. Quite a change for someone who can’t drive or even ride a bike. But the kids have cars, I’ve got two feet, so I’ll be just fine.

Favorite Activities include; personal journal writing, seeing movies of all types especially independents, taking random photos, reading, visiting museums, striking up conversations with strangers, hanging out in coffee bars, reading and creating zines, and playing board games.

Favorite Books include Lolita, Portnoy’s Complaint, Catcher in the Rye, Interview with the Vampire, The Artists Way, Creative Visualization, the Lawrence Sanders mysteries written by Sanders himself, anything by Wayne Dyer or Barbara Sher.

Morning Pages & Artist Dates have been a huge part of my life for over 20 years.

I’m also love writing letters, so if you’re looking for an e-mail or pen pal please contact me at: yourpenfriend(at)writeme.com

My daughter, Josephine, a leukemia survivor, is my personal hero.