Feeling the “Push”

You know that feeling you get when it’s time to move on to the next thing?

Everything was just fine – then suddenly everything is so not – in a big way.

For a little while you try and fight it.

Then suddenly you come upon a book, an article, even overhear a conversation – and bang you know what’s up.

It’s said that our lives change completely every seven years.

I’m 56.

This excerpt is from an article: The Stages of Life According to Rudolph Steiner
The final seven-year period is associated with Saturn (56-63 years old) when Saturn completes its second “return” (e.g. comes back to its position it had at one’s birth), and the soul can manifest an event higher element of Self called Spirit Man.

The Universe is simply at work here folks. Sometimes a comfort zone has to become quite uncomfortable before we are compelled to move along our path.

Today I fully accepted the situation which considerably lessened the discomfort.

Foot forward.


2 thoughts on “Feeling the “Push”

  1. Now that we are living on the average longer than 63 years, any adjustment? Somehow I’m just not buying it. Interesting theory though.


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