Swanky Mall = A Good Cheap Time

There’s no book store in the New Jersey town I’m staying in. Seriously. No movie theater either. I know. I know. But my incredibly awesome friend lives there, and that’s all that matters.

They had a tennis date today, so I boarded a bus for the mall. Well, actually a mall. There are three different malls on the route. I’m at the swanky one. No crowds to push through. The price tags look like telephone numbers, so there’s zero temptation to buy. Practically no money required for a nice afternoon.

The Barnes & Noble bookstore with cafe was my first and last stop. Complimentary ice water and mango cheesecake samples to enjoy while reading any book or magazine for free.

Most of the restaurants are pretty pricey, but Smashburger is affordable and delish.

The demo massage chairs at Brookstone took any stress – real or imagined – away. Lots of comfy seating everywhere with phone charging stations for no charge 😉

Spotlessly clean ladies rooms.

Loads of nice sales reps to chat with because like I said – it’s not crowded.

Back at Barnes & Noble for a bit more reading and writing.

No more cheesecake samples darn it!

Hope you’re all enjoying your day.


One thought on “Swanky Mall = A Good Cheap Time

  1. One of my favorite things to do is to hang out at a nice mall and people watch. There are a few upscale malls here but the people watching sucks. Hey, it’s California. I’m so glad you were able to enjoy.

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