that feeling you get when you observe a girl after your own heart…

I’m sitting in Starbucks aka HQ. I ‘ve got a good table directly over an outlet for my charger.7

The young lady next to me dumps her bag out on the table, and then carefully begins to organize it all for a photo. Instagram? Her blog? I so want to ask – but don’t.

She’s so careful.

The pink leatherette journal slightly to the left, assorted pens in different color inks lie beside it, a tiny bright gold change purse, the brown leather wallet that folds into an envelope with a gold clasp, bits of epherema, tiny talismans, a keychain, clear plastic make-up bag, everything just so.

The IPhone is perfectly positioned overhead – snap!

Satisfied her thumb moves quickly across the screen. Silently the photo blasts off into the depths of cyberspace.

Smiling she opens the pink leatherette journal to the next blank page. Smooths it down carefully, takes a sip of the drink she’s re-packaged into her own blue travel cup with lid, looks thoughtfully at the assorted pens, chooses one, and begins to write with a look of child-like glee on her face.

So me in my early Starbuck days circa ’99. Mind you I was twice her age then. What can I say? I’m 56 going on 19 – and delighted about it thank you very much.

Are you still wondering what you’re going to be when you grow up too?


3 thoughts on “that feeling you get when you observe a girl after your own heart…

  1. Take comfort, sometimes I feel like 54 going on 14. Every Christmas when someone mentions The Nutcracker it makes me laugh a little. I never want to grow up.

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    • It was tough not to engage – but she was so into her journal I couldn’t break her flow. I wonder if I’m on blog somewhere. Thanks so much for stopping in!


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