I turned my Smart phone off for five hours and lived.

My Smart phone and I are working overtime. I’m away from home without laptop, in the jaws midst of a self-education/broadening my horizons type project, but thanks to select phone apps I can create documents in Word, and take online classes. But there are also apps for messenger, email, Facebook, and blogging on that same phone – no need to explain right? Distractionville.

This morning I did everything I needed to do online, made necessary calls, and turned my phone off. It stayed upstairs on my desk, while me and my reference books, paper, and pens went downstairs to the dining room table. After two hours of uninterrupted work I took an electronics free hour off for brunch, and returned to work. It’s five hours since operation turn off began, and now the phone is back in action. My plans include reading three chapters of Crucifixion Creek by Barry Maitland, writing two email buddies, calling my family, then phone goes off and upstairs again, and I’ll do a final two hours project work for the day.

It was not as hard as I thought it would be, and that’s probably because the phone stayed upstairs. It’s such pretty thing, so shiny, so tempting…

Stay strong Frances!

Until next time.

This is a photo of my circa 2005 Nokia. It was the first phone I used for mobile blogging, texting, and email. Believe it or not!


2 thoughts on “I turned my Smart phone off for five hours and lived.

  1. An important thing to do to remind us we are the masters of the instruments. On the weekend I like to leave the iPhone at home when we go out.

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