reflections, memories, and a bowl of hot and sour soup – Mothers Day 2018

For me Chinese food is all about good times. Saturday nights with my father and brother Joey at the Good Earth on West 79th Street. Thick flavorful black bean sauce loaded with shrimp, fried rice with bits of everything in it, and the Lobster Cantonese that was Daddy’s favorite.

Some of my best conversations with my daughter Josie have included a side of fried dumplings and egg rolls.

And so many orders from the Empire Szechuan delivered to our door back when my husband and I lived in Manhattan. We’d watch movies, talk, nibble on Sesame Beef and assorted appetizers till the wee hours.

Right now I’m tucked away in a Chinese take-away while the friend I’m staying with attends a meeting. Yes, some people plan meetings on Mothers Day. A steaming bowl of hot and sour soup with lots of crunchy noodles and a side of pork dumplings in spicy ginger sauce laid out on Formica table. That first tangy spoonful – so good.

If I were home today it would be all about lying in bed, and bingeing on Amazon Prime or Netflix. My daughter Josie would be making us all a special dinner. Fresh pasta would be involved, and cake, fluffy vanilla frosting on white as snow layers, my absolute favorite.

The kids called me on their way to church this morning. I’ve been away from home several weeks now working on a writing project, that probably won’t make a dime, but will give me a sense of joy and accomplishment, and they couldn’t be more supportive. Wow. Lucky me, right?

Miss you much my darlings.

My first ever Mothers Day plays out on my mind’s screen. I’m 21. It’s Sunday May 8th 1983. My one and only is just 9 days old. Eight pounds two ounces of blue-eyed blessing cradled in my arms. Everyone in the neighborhood is congratulating me.  Happy First Mothers Day Frances!  I’m more than a little dazed. This was never a happy day for me before. We lost our mother early.  Daddy took us to live with his old-style campagna mother. Imagine Sophia Petrillo plus Marie Barone times three with an extra dash of venom – but that’s life you know. Grandma managed to redeem herself with me by being good to my daughter. She’s gone nearly 15 years now, and I think of her often – in a good way.

So I hope you all had a wonderful day whether you celebrated the holiday or not.

Josie at Asia one of our go-to places…


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