Where I’m at…05.09.18

In a pretty good place actually…

I’m deep in an off-line – for now – writing/study project. Stay tuned.

This morning’s Morning Pages – they’re my lifeline – helped me organize squeeze every bit productivity-wise out of today. It’s around 2:30pm,  and everything is already checked off my daily small goals list.

I decided to put off my A-Z Challenge Reflections post till this weekend. I want to visit a few more blogs. My long-time friend/blog buddy Lissa over at rain-swept was kind enough to include me on her list of favorites post.  She’s an artist and creative writer who can write a pretty funny list too.

So what to do with the rest of my day?

Time for a new small goals list:

  • Research – IPhone camera – Question: Is it possible to change the settings on my IPhone’s camera so the photos are not quite so heavy? They’re taking up a lot of my blog’s media allotment.
  • Write – Lists Page of personal favorites (just about everything from movies to personally owned items) for this blog.
  • Delete – Unnecessary emails and other accounts – in other words lighten my online load
  • Share Trello – the site and/or app can help you organize every part of your life!

Till next time.

Your friend Frances D





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