X Things

Just about all of my entries in the 2018 A-Z Challenge were photos. I’ve been away from home for several weeks now, and am mostly working off my phone. Photo entries were pretty easy because there’s currently 3000+ pics on my IPhone, and I add to my stash on almost a daily basis. But today there was not a X to be found in any of my phone’s albums. Nothing. Nada. Zippity doo-dah.

Next move? Google.

This list of words is for Scrabble players, included were the two x words I use often when playing: xi & xu. I got curious about their meanings and did a search.

xi is the fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.

xu is a unit of Vietnamese money equivalent to one hundredth of a dong.

Bet you’re wondering what a dong is worth. Me too. This is today 4/27/18’s rate .

1 Vietnamese Dong equals 0.000044 US Dollar

Now there’s a bit of trivia for your next game.

I wondered if any animal names started with the letter X, and found this list of 6 with photos.

And here’s a list of people names beginning with X. My favorites were Xander & Xandra.

You’ll find more A-Z Challenge Posts here

Seems appropriate to sign off this post with XO (kiss & hug)

Happy Posting & Bloghopping to all.


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