J is for


I downloaded this photo onto my phone from my now defunct Flickr account. It’s an old one – I haven’t used a Sidekick (phone) in years. My favorite Cosi (also defunct) was on 13th & 6th Avenue. I’d sit for hours. Writing. Blogging from Sidekick. Nibbling on the best turkey wraps ever, and sipping lip puckering lemonade. The Quad Cinema & 13th Street Repertory Company were right around the corner. Bliss. **sigh


A friend was wearing this for fun, and I borrowed it for a quick selfie.

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5 thoughts on “J is for

  1. I like writing in notebooks, not necessary a journal. I should really start again as I’ve not been doing it. there’s just something about blank notebooks that just make you want to write.

    have a lovely day.

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    • I buy a huge stack of 25 and 50 cent notebooks at Staple’s Back to School sales. I use them for freewriting, Morning Pages, and outlining various projects. Lissa let’s each start a fresh new notebook today 🙂


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