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Swanky Mall = A Good Cheap Time

There’s no book store in the New Jersey town I’m staying in. Seriously. No movie theater either. I know. I know. But my incredibly awesome friend lives there, and that’s all that matters.

They had a tennis date today, so I boarded a bus for the mall. Well, actually a mall. There are three different malls on the route. I’m at the swanky one. No crowds to push through. The price tags look like telephone numbers, so there’s zero temptation to buy. Practically no money required for a nice afternoon.

The Barnes & Noble bookstore with cafe was my first and last stop. Complimentary ice water and mango cheesecake samples to enjoy while reading any book or magazine for free.

Most of the restaurants are pretty pricey, but Smashburger is affordable and delish.

The demo massage chairs at Brookstone took any stress – real or imagined – away. Lots of comfy seating everywhere with phone charging stations for no charge 😉

Spotlessly clean ladies rooms.

Loads of nice sales reps to chat with because like I said – it’s not crowded.

Back at Barnes & Noble for a bit more reading and writing.

No more cheesecake samples darn it!

Hope you’re all enjoying your day.

Happy Half Birthday to Me

Half Birthday Calculator

Some ask Why would anyone bother to celebrate a half birthday?

Some parents do it because they have a winter child, and they can do the whole backyard bouncy castle & games thing.

Summer child parents do it because it’s an opportunity to have an at school party and cake with all the classmates. Yum. Cake.

Some adults do it because it’s a family tradition or their birthday comes right before a major holiday.

And some do it because it’s an opportunity to have cake. Yum. Cake.

I was a winter child brought up in a family where nothing much was done for birthdays. There was a gift or two and a decorated cake from the bakery. The cake was served after dinner, no friends, just the immediate family. I always got one big gift because Christmas was was not far off.

Can I tell you how much I hate the one big gift thing? Unless of course, the person really would like it. It’s your birthday boat babe – row it as you wish.

I vowed that my child would have a separate birthday party and gifts even if they were born on Christmas morning. Fortunately my own daughter was born in springtime but not too far off from summer. The date is not near any major holidays. It was a real bonus to have the choice of a classroom celebration and/or one with friends and family in decent weather.

Am I doing anything big for 56 1/2 today? Well, I’m definitely having cake.  I will write special journal entry on gratitude. I’m not going to feel bad about my neck, any and all lines real and imagined on my face, or the fact that I need stronger reading glasses.

It’s all good!

So try out that calculator link at the top of this post. Your half birthday could be coming up. It could even be today. If it is have some cake. Have a lot of cake. And most importantly have a good time!





that feeling you get when you observe a girl after your own heart…

I’m sitting in Starbucks aka HQ. I ‘ve got a good table directly over an outlet for my charger.7

The young lady next to me dumps her bag out on the table, and then carefully begins to organize it all for a photo. Instagram? Her blog? I so want to ask – but don’t.

She’s so careful.

The pink leatherette journal slightly to the left, assorted pens in different color inks lie beside it, a tiny bright gold change purse, the brown leather wallet that folds into an envelope with a gold clasp, bits of epherema, tiny talismans, a keychain, clear plastic make-up bag, everything just so.

The IPhone is perfectly positioned overhead – snap!

Satisfied her thumb moves quickly across the screen. Silently the photo blasts off into the depths of cyberspace.

Smiling she opens the pink leatherette journal to the next blank page. Smooths it down carefully, takes a sip of the drink she’s re-packaged into her own blue travel cup with lid, looks thoughtfully at the assorted pens, chooses one, and begins to write with a look of child-like glee on her face.

So me in my early Starbuck days circa ’99. Mind you I was twice her age then. What can I say? I’m 56 going on 19 – and delighted about it thank you very much.

Are you still wondering what you’re going to be when you grow up too?